Ana Rossi

Building A New Future

Hello everyone, Welcome!

Building a New Future.

I'm an Eco-Artist-Educator and member of Amnesty International.

My work is focused in social justice, environment, myth and legends, human rights, save species, psychology, philosophy,  fertility and feminism.

A narrator of stories of women, a book written with colors that tells the life of real human beings. Work by series and while the nucleus is my gender.

In terms of plastic legacy, i seek inspiration in architecture, photography and mystical icons of the '20, music and literature, in special "magic Realism" and "The Illustrated".

Along my art carrier, participated in many exhibitions in Argentina and USA and my upcoming events will be in Europe. 

I'm interesting to develop "Education through the arts" and build an awareness of ecological and social problems that we have today.

I believe all the species deserve to be respected.

Every human is responsible for the Eco-Chaos, and as an artist and educator, decided take part and help.


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