Ana Rossi

Building A New Future

A little about me...

I was born on December 16, 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I begun to paint in my adolescence and at sixteen years of age I took classes with the artist Jose Amore. There has been two fundamental things that marked my personality and artistic style; music and literature.
In 1985 I began to study in the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon where I later graduated as a drawing, painting, and art history teacher in 1990. While attending college I participated in the following exhibitions and events:

1985-Prilidiano Pueyrredon Student Exhibition at Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires In 
1986- Group exhibition at Cultural Center of Chacabuco Park, and Ateneo Cultural Caseros.
1987- Group exhibition at Bank of  Caseros. 
1989- Won the first prize to Pinturas Alba and the Buenos Aires City competition. 1989- Painted the mural at the Roberto Arlt Park (wall of San Miguel Church).
1990- Palais de Glace, group exhibition.
1990- Various group and individual exhibitions at the
Cultural Center of Chacabuco Park in Buenos Aires DC, among others. 

During my time as a student, I had the opportunity to be disciple of master painters like Miguel Angel Vidal, Eduardo Carreño, Julio Flores, Susana Raffo, Osvaldo Attila and others.

After graduating in 1990, I worked as an art teacher in Colegio Esteban Echeverria (VANEDUC-Educative Vanguard), Del Arce school, and others.
Today, I am a member of Amnesty International, I work on several series with a variety of themes, and also paint an array of murals in my home city, Miami.
My latest events and exhibitions have been:

November 2011 at The Hangar Gallery at Wynwood Art District in Miami, FL.

December 2011 at Art Basel/ The Hangar Gallery.

January 2012 at The Hangar Gallery.

February 2012 at The Hangar Gallery.

March 2012 at The Hangar Gallery.

March 2012 collaboration with professor Roberto Echevarria (Miami Dade College) on Human Rights Video. 

October 2012 at The Hangar Gallery "Maps" Series exhibition.  

November 2012 at The Hangar Gallery.

January 2013 at The Art Palm Beach International Fair.

March 2013 solo exhibition "Challenges Series" (Aluminum) at Irazoqui Art Gallery at Wynwood Art District in Miami, FL.

May 2013 Studio Opening and group exhibition at the McCormick Building (2nd floor) at Downtown Miami.

June 2013 Downtown Art Walk at McCormick Gallery in a group exhibition with the Miami Short Film Festival and Miami Animation Festival.

December 5-8 2013 Fridge Art Fair (Art Basel week) at Power of Mind Gallery in Boca Raton, FL. 

December 2013 Group exhibition of Language of Flowers at the Hangar Gallery.

        January 2014 Solo exhibition at Power of Mind Gallery, Boca Raton, FL.

February 2014 at The Hangar Gallery.

March 2014 at The Hangar Gallery.

April 2014 at The Hangar Gallery.

May 2014 at The Hangar Gallery.

June 2014 at The Hangar Gallery.

July 2014 at The Hangar Gallery.

August 2014 at The Hangar Gallery.

December 2014, at Art Basel week, The Hangar Gallery. 

March 2015 Solo exhibition at The Fillmore in Miami Beach, FL.

        September 2015, Miami Downtown Art Fair.

        October 2015, 1310 Gallery. (Group exhibition).

        October 2015,  Soyka Restaurant  . (Group exhibition).

        December 2015, Fridge Art Fair, ( Art Basel week).

        December 2015, Fudge Art Fair in LGBT of Miami Beach.

        December 2015, Compass Foundation of West Palm Beach.

        December 2015, Spectrum Art Fair, (group mural Hope for Nepal )

        January 2016, solo in a Coconut Grove local business.

        February 2016 Albion Hotel (Group exhibition).

        March 2016, Surfside Community Center. (Solo)

        April 2016, Star Fair.

        July 2016, RedEye in ArtServe Fort Lauderdale.

        Upcomings events

        September 2016 Downtown Miami.

        December 2016, Metanoia Gallery Paris France.



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